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Beyond Buying and Billing

Buying, managing and even deploying Google Cloud Solutions is frankly no rocket science. Your company can do it on its own. But, it can also do it with a trusted partner. Having the simple, routine and sometimes complex items freed from your in-house resources can be a great way to focus your IT resources on what matters most: your business growth. And as your Google Cloud Partner, we don't just buy and bill, we help you make the most of your Google Cloud.

Collaborative Engagement

We will not compel your organization to go one direction over the other! Even when it means you choose a different cloud offering or even partner over us! We listen to your needs and provide our technical advisory and input and help you make a direction that truly provides the most value for your business. For Cloud is no longer a binary decision. And if you choose Google Cloud and Pawa IT as your partner, then we make sure you never regret that decision!

Free Support

We believe in powering businesses with cloud technologies so they can get going and running smoothly. That is literally our business tagline and we mean and live it. That means not burdening our customers with simple and irrelevant costs for things like charged support fees for email, telephone and even sometimes in person support. Whether it's GCP, Google Workspace or Google Education, you can count on us as your Partner to provide the FREE support when you need it!

Google Cloud Authorized Partner - Africa

We are a full Google Cloud Solutions and authorized partner/reseller for African with focus on Google Workspace - formerly G Suite -, Google Cloud Platform(GCP) and Google for Education. We have customers in 16 Africa that include: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, S.Sudan, Somalia, DR Congo, Niger, Nigeria,Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire, Benin, Angola, Malawi, Zambia.